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WWI Casualty Clearing Stations

My great uncle Alexander George Mavor was wounded at "The Bluff" at Ypres, Belguim in the First World War. He was in the trenches and hit in the stomach with a bullet that ricocheted off a periscope. He was taken to the No 17 Casualty Clearing Station where he died the following day.  That is all I knew from his military records.

From research I found out two things: 

 - that No 17 Casualty Clearing Station is not a place, it is one of a number of medical units set up at different places where most needed throughout the war.

 - that Remy Sidings were sidings constructed from the main railway line to allow ambulance trains to get to these medical stations that had been set up at a farm called Remi Quaghebeur. Some sidings went to base hospitals.

Entrance to Remy Hospital and Cemetery 1920

A member of the Great War Forum (Diane, username Bardess) has transcribed all the war diaries for the No 17 Casual Clearing Station at Remy Siding.  You can view the transcriptions without registering...  

...and if you register as a member for free and ask nice she will be happy to give you a copy of the specific page. 

Alexander George Mavor, age 24, was laid to rest in the cemetery at Remi Station, now the Lijssenthoek Cemetery, Poperinge, Ypres... Section VI  Row B  Grave 8A .

RIP Alexander George Mavor 1891-1916

The UK CCS War Diaries link below includes Australian CCSs. To get only Australian type Australian in front of casualty clearing station in the search box top left. 

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  1. You might be interested in these two blog posts of mine looking at where 36 CCS was located in July 1916 https://halfmuffled.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/where-was-36-casualty-clearing-station-in-july-1916/ and https://halfmuffled.wordpress.com/2016/12/10/36-casualty-clearing-station-located/


    (It ried to post this before, but I'm not sure if it went through, if it did feel free to delete this version).

    1. Thank you for sharing that David. Both interesting posts. Would be nice of ALL the war diaries had plans. I have seen the odd one for other Battalions.
      I will put your links here between tags so readers can just click to go to your posts.
      Where was 36 Casualty Clearing Station in July 1916?

      36 Casualty Clearing Station located


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