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Using Find-A-Grave when there is no burial

What do you do when you want to add a memorial for a family member to Find a Grave but the person was not buried?

My ancestors are all linked on Find a Grave. I have some family members that were cremated, and one whose body was given to the Anatomical Board for medical research, and I was still able to make memorials for them and link them to their ancestors.

When my brother died he was cremated and his ashes scattered. The funeral home that took care of his arrangements plants trees in a local park in the name of their deceased clients and their names are put on a wall. They have a big ceremony once a year when loved ones can choose their tree and plant it.

My great grand aunt Dora Porter died in a home for the indigent and she left her body for medical research. I was able to procure the entry in the Cadaver Receiving Book and I added that as a photo on her memorial. If I had a photo of her I would add it.  

Some ancestors are buried but there is no stone.  If you know the location of the burial you can make your own gravestone in the spot in the cemetery with photoshop or some such program. If not you can just make a gravestone as photo for that person

My baby sister died before her first birthday and my Dad had her buried with no stone. I found the burial information in his effects and a good friend went to the cemetery and found the spot where she was buried, leaving flowers and taking a photo for me.

These are the steps to adding a non-burial memorial on Find-A-Grave....

Choose Add a Memorial

Check "Not buried in a cemetery?" 

Choose what type of non-burial. Choices are...
... Buried or Lost at Sea, Cremated, Donated to Medical Science, Lost at War, Animal/Pet, or Burial Details Unknown.

Then add the information as you normally would and link to your ancestors. You can use whatever you want as a photo, the possibilities are endless. 


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