Friday 9 June 2023

Other info on the 1931 Census of Canada


Finally, we are able to search the 1931 Census of Canada on Ancestry by name, and attach them to profiles. I’d like to remind you that if you come across spelling errors, please correct them while you are there. It only takes a few seconds. Click on “add or update information” on the left at record view. 

At Ancestry on the 1931 census search page scroll down where you can (and should) read the info about the census. I imagine that soon LAC will publish more info, as in other years… district and subdistrict names, street index, and instructions to enumerators. 

In the meantime you can read the instructions to enumerators here… 

Instructions for Northwest Territories, parts of Yukon, Hudson’s Bay here

In case anyone has an ancestor who was an enumerator commissioner for the 1931 census, or you don’t know and would like to check, or you’re just interested… they are listed by province and district in the Report of the Auditor General of Canada 1932-1933 (mark 938). The Commissioner is responsible for each enumerator in his district, who each have a subdistrict. The commissioner is also responsible for giving the enumerators in his district training and handing out supplies they will need to take the census.

Remember that many cities standardized house numbers around this time. If you think your ancestor moved down the street since the last census, it’s more than likely that their house number (and in some cases street name!) was changed. 

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