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This page goes with the article posted 6 June 2014 titled WWII Before and After D-Day.

To obtain my father’s WWII Service Records, I went to the page at Library and Archives Canada and I downloaded the Application for Military Service Information as a PDF. (there is also text format).  The procedure is to fill out the application and send it with a death certificate (or written consent of someone living) or other proof of death and relationship to you.  It explains on the application what is acceptable. Photocopies only.  I sent Dad’s death certificate and his baptism certificate.  Fill in as much info as possible. Then mail or fax to LAC, address and fax number at the bottom. I mailed my application in August 2013.


In a couple of weeks I received a letter telling me they have my application, and that they are very busy.  Urgent applications will be handled first, like for someone applying for benefits. It could take up to 11 months. 

I received my Dad’s service file in March 2014.
In the envelope were 21 pages including:  Attestation papers (a little different from the WWI ones), Family info sheet, Service and Casualty Form (postings, promotions, wounds, etc), another form of promotions, reductions, transfers etc, Training Certificates, Canadian Army Certificate of Service, Awards and Medals, a form from Veterans Affairs with summary of service, and finally a sheet with all the abbreviations that may be in the records.




  1. Hi Dianne Nolin,
    I just got accepted in the Quebec Genealogy Facebook page and I following the different links posted on their page. It got me to visit your wonderful site. You are a real genealogy fan. There is so much interesting things on your site. I am pretty sure you are quite comfortable in french as well at least to read it. It is heartwarming to cross paths with someone that tries to go beyond the BMD to give a life and/or personality as much as possible to her ancestors. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. Danielle Malouin

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and for visiting. Researching Quebec ancestors is so interesting, as there is so much online.


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