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I have mentioned my grandfather's brother Alexander George Mavor a couple of times (Remembrance Day and Windows of the Soul). He enlisted with the CEF 23rd Battalion in Montreal on October 31, 1914. After training in Valcartier, he sailed with his regiment from Quebec City on the Missanabie on February 2, 1915. He was transferred in the field at Ypres to the 4th Battalion (Infantry) on April 26, 1915.

Not only did the doctors and surgeons in the field have to deal with the previously known ravages of warfare, they had to learn quickly how to deal with the damage being done to the soldiers by new technology - machine guns, new-and-improved hand grenades, high explosive shells, and not least of all... the first use of Chlorine Gas in the field April 1915 at the Second Battle of Ypres. Alexander arrived just in time!

On the 9th of April 1916 the 4th Battalion relieved the 1st in the trenches at The Bluff, near Ypres. While on duty the next day, April 10th, a bullet glanced off a periscope and hit Alexander in the stomach.

Soldiers with abdominal wounds were moved without delay, so Alexander would have been taken quickly from the First Aid post to the closest Dressing Station, then by Field Ambulance over rough terrain (possibly by horse-drawn wagon) to the nearest Casualty Clearing Station, which was No 17 at Remy Siding. There Private Alexander George Mavor died the next day, April 11, 1916.

Remy Siding - Casualty Clearing Stations and Hospital

If your ancestor was among the tireless doctors and surgeons practicing during war time, he may be listed in one of many books written about their units.
Following are links to a few.

Relevant Links:

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