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I had wanted to write a blog for a long time. Someone once said "There is no time like the present", so even though I had a lot going on in April of 2014 I decided to jump right in there and start. See how it goes.

Like the title of my blog says, I hope to help people go beyond the Birth, Marriage and Death records in researching their ancestors. Someone once said "You live, and then you die!"  (Who are these people?) Well, we all know there is more to life than that. Stuff happens. People fall in love, fall out of work, live in the city, live through disasters, get sick, get smart, get a life! 

In my many years of doing genealogy research I have come across a lot of FREE resources that I will be sharing with you to help add depth, character and life to your ancestors.

I was interviewed for a "May I Introduce to You..." segment on the Geneabloggers website. The questions sure made me think... remember how I came to take this path and why I am researching and writing the blog. I love doing what I do!

About me:

I am Dianne Nolin, originally from the Montreal area, now living on Vancouver Island.  I started working with computers in the late 60’s, first at Microsystems Technology (Division of Bell Canada) and later in the Computer Communications department of Bell Canada. In the last few years I have taken some advanced courses in Web Design and I currently maintain a couple of websites I designed for clients. I have written some published articles including one in the Fall 2011 issue of Canadian Health magazine about my struggles with Osteoporosis.

My maternal grandmother used to tell me stories of her family... her parents, her siblings, her grandparents and even her friends.  I treasured those times with her. I didn't hear any stories from my father's side of the family and I wanted to know more. When I started researching my ancestors I had low expectations of finding anything interesting, as I knew my great grandparents were farmers. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found goldsmiths, Jacobites, embezzlers, militiamen and renowned horticulturists! 
My ancestors were from Ireland, England and Scotland. Some of my ancestors siblings went to Australia, some came to Canada and others went to live in the United States. 

I have written and published six family history books for family and friends. One of the books I published two editions.. one in English and one in French.

My mind is full of ideas for future projects, if I can only find the time to get to it!
I encourage readers to leave comments, ask questions, even email me if you wish to remain private. My email address is in the right hand column, along with links to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Welcome to my world.... 


  1. Every once in a while there is a day that leads to surprising discoveries, and this has been that day to me. Thank you for giving me yet another project of exploration. This blog (and your others) will lead me into even more research, I suspect. I'm so glad to have "met" you.

    1. Thanks Clair.
      It was great meeting you too, and we can now help each other along.

  2. Hi Diane - Thanks for your blog and the resources you have put together and share generously. I've discovered you through Gail Dever's Genealogy a la carte and I'm happy I have. Now, to break through some brick walls in Alberta, Ireland, Scotland and Galicia (Poland & Ukraine).
    From Australia with gratitude.

    1. Hey, do we have the same ancestors? (Kidding haha). I also have relatives from both sides in Australia. As a matter of fact it was an Australian Seale that helped me with THAT brick wall with one link to the pedigree!
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you find success!


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