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Please read carefully.

My blog is hosted by Blogger which is a product of Google.  
You can read Google's Privacy Policy here.

I do not save email addresses. The only reason for giving an email address at comments is if you want to be notified of a response to your comment, or of others commenting on the same post. Also if you entered your email to receive notice of a new post by email, it is used by Blogger for that purpose only. Anything you have subscribed to to receive notices by email, check the bottom of the email for a bail-out link. There is usually one in small print.

I have a private email and a separate email that I use on the internet, this is a good practice because you can change it any time you want and not have to send all your personal contacts change of address. 

I do not collect any personal information about you. Viewing this blog puts a cookie on your device or computer, and here is why and how you can opt out. 

A cookie is a data file with a small piece of text that is stored on YOUR computer (not mine) every time you visit any website. You can delete your cookies after each session, or you can browse anonomously on browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Also in your browser privacy settings you can disable cookies.  If you do not agree to, or disable cookies you can't login or save info from previous visits to a site. It is not necessary to agree to cookies to view my blog.

Check the Privacy Settings on the browser you use.

When you agree to cookies on my blog it gives me stats that help me make decisions about my blog. It does not give me your name or any personal info about you. I am the only real person that looks at the stats for my blog... no one else cares. 

The stats I get from your cookies are the following as an anonymous user:

Date and time of visit
How many pages viewed
Length of visit
Resolution and system used (Chrome, Safari, etc)
Total visits made (since last removal of cookies)
City and country of visitor
Internet provider and any one of their hundreds of IPv4 addresses 
   (not your private IPv6 address)
Referring url (how you got to my site, like if you came through a link on another site)
URL of my pages visited (which posts or pages)

None of these stats identify you the reader. 

The amount of hits per day tell me that enough people are interested and I should keep on with the blog.

Seeing there are many people from certain countries tells me I am on the right track by giving resources that interest them.

Pages that have very few views tell me that no one is interested in that subject. 

Clicking on a link will take you to a third party website which, at the time of publication, has content that is germane to the subject of the post.

1 comment:

  1. Well written policy. Very clear. This is something that I need on my own blog in light of GDPR. Just a simple explanation like this.


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