Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Check your own files!

You are all familiar with Engineer John McTeer who died a tragic death in a train accident. In that post I told you about the Locomotive Engineer and Fireman Magazines available online. I had looked through them and found a bit that said John Mcteer was secretary for a branch in Montreal, where he was living at the time. 

Today a member of another Facebook Group asked about researching engineers in Scotland. So I checked over my several Railway posts and one entry caught my eye.

On 3 October 2016 I posted an article titled Railway Directories and Wages. Going down the list of links, the very last is "Souvenir Quebec, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers 1907".  

What???? John belonged to the Brotherhood when he lived in Montreal.  He had moved back from  Bisbee to Quebec in 1902. Hmmmmm.  Let's take a look!

Sure enough...

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, 1907, pg 58

Portrait No.1 - John McTeer, Vice-Chairman, Committee of Arrangements.

The moral of this story is... when researching an ancestor, research in your own files. You may already have what you are looking for!


  1. May I suggest . . . also ask your relatives what they may have. One cousin repeatedly said he had "something in a closet" but only after 2 years of requests did he show me what he had. Letters from his mom to a mutual ancestor! Helped me determine the relationship with that ancestor and (because of married name) find a living 2d cousin.

    1. So true Marian... and in laws of relatives, I learned recently.


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