Monday, 7 May 2018

Sheep Breeders

My Grampa was the cook in his family. He might have learned as a survival tactic because my Granny was a businesswoman and didn't like to cook.  

Grampa would take the bus from where they lived in Verdun to the Atwater Market, which opened in 1933 in Montreal. He always got his meat from one of the butchers at the market. 

He loved lamb and his favourite butcher would call him when the spring lambs started to arrive from New Zealand. 

Chef Grampa c1957

Grampa didn't know who bred the sheep, he just cared that it tasted good. In Breeds of Sheep, it is said that "New Zealand lambs are outstanding because of their quality and type." They mix breeds for the best tasting meat. I wonder if his lamb came from one of the ancestors of these NZ breeders

People have raised sheep for milk, meat and wool for thousands of years. They don't have to have a perfect pasture as for cattle. 

Search also with these keywords: flock book, flock register, sheep breeding. 
Check local museums, historical societies and libraries for papers of sheep breeder societies. The Glenbow Museum in Calgary holds documents of Wool Growers and Sheep Breeders in Alberta. 

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