Friday, 4 May 2018

High Fives - May 4, 2018

High Fives are articles or blog posts I have read during the week that I find interesting, and perhaps are pertinent to my research. Sometimes there are only a couple and sometimes there are quite a few.

~by DiAnn Iamarino Ohama at Fortify Your Family Tree
I have found family all living close on the same street, but not in the same building.

~by Jill at GeniAus
How far do you go off track to find your ancestors?

~by Gail Dever at Genealogy à la carte
I'll have to remember this in a couple of months.

It was my 4th Blogiversary this past week, and I think that's a pretty good accomplishment, but..

The French Genealogy Blog is celebrating 9 years!
If you have French ancestors, this is a blog to follow! The archives' websites of each Department (area) is listed in the left column for easy access.

Catch up on my Blogging A to Z challenge. I completed the 2018 challenge, and under the tab I created a map of the places mentioned. I think I will do this for all my ancestors - when I have the time!
Tune in next Monday for my Reflections on the challenge. 

For more exciting weekend reading, see what posts these bloggers liked...
Saturday – Gail Dever, Crème de la Crème
Sunday – Randy Seaver, Best of the Genea-Blogs

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  1. The other blogs sound great too. I'll check them out when I get home from work. Thanks for your post!


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