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Maritime Pilots

A marine pilot is a mariner who is licensed and knows how to guide a ship safely through the local waters. In Canada there are inland pilots like those who work the St Lawrence River, and coastal pilots that help big ships into their berth at ocean ports. Here is a definition and history at wikipedia.

The Marine and Fisheries part of the Sessional Papers of Canada has a section titled "Pilotage Authority".  For the year 1908 it is starting with Appendix 22.

There you will find pilotage rates, names of pilots licensed, pilot earnings, names of apprentices, those paid from the Decayed Pilot Fund including pensioners, widows and children (not all for all cities).

Some also report on the conduct of the pilots...

The Almanak of Montreal and Lower Canada has a list of pilots for the harbour.

Also check the Parliamentary Papers of Great Britain.

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  1. That is certainly an interesting resource - especially with the accounts of behavior.


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