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Annales Maritimes et Colonials - Annals of the Navy and Colonies of France

There is a series of volumes called "Annales Maritimes et Colonials" published in Paris for the French Minister of the Navy and the Colonies. 

Laws, ordinances and decrees to do with the navy and with France's colonies. Volume 1 starts at 1809. Canada was no longer under French rule by this time, but you get an idea of life in the navy. The islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, off the coast of Newfoundland, is a still a territory of France, among many others.

From description at Internet Archive:
"Issued in 2 parts: ptie. officielle (Lois et ordonnances); ptie. non officielle (Sciences et arts) Each part has separate t.-p. and paging. (Lois et ordonnances form 1 v. (in 1827 and 1830, 2 v.) annually; Sciences et arts form 1 v. annually, 1816-21, 2 v. annually, 1822-47) Beginning with July 1843 an additional section was added to the non-official part, entitled Revue coloniale (forming 1 v. in 1843, 2 v. annually, 1844-47) Revue coloniale was also issued separately.
Publication was suspended by ministerial decree in Dec. 1847. The official part was continued in Bulletin officiel de la marine. The section Sciences et arts was replaced by Nouvelles annales de la marine. The Section Revue coloniale was continued in the separately issued publication Revue coloniale, 2d series"

 If your ancestor was in the French navy, there are some sections you will find interesting... the makeup of a regiment, what their wages were, navy school, what clothing and equipment they were furnished with, what kind of food they ate, etc. There are names of officers that are stationed at the different colonies.

Uniform clothing, pg

You will also find death notices...

As with most lists of publications, at Internet Archive you can change from Date Archived to Date Published to get the years in order. 

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Annales Maritimes et Colonials

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