Thursday, 7 September 2017

Grandparents Day Challenge

National Grandparents Day is celebrated at different times of year depending on the country. In Canada and the US it is this coming Sunday, September 10th.

No matter when or where it is celebrated, I love any opportunity to celebrate my grandparents. I always loved to sit at my grandmothers side while she told me stories about her childhood, her parents and her grandparents. 


Tell a story as told to you by one of your grandparents!

Write your story on your blog and comment about it here below. 
If you don't have a blog, post it here in the comments or in the comments on our Facebook group page.

I look forward to reading your stories!


  1. Don't have a story but do have some pieces of advise or things they did that are long gone.
    My father's mother was not pleased that when we were at my uncle's summer fishing camp what work was being done on Sunday, the day of rest. I remember her for her hair in a bun, dresses and laced up shoes.
    My Grandmother Abbott once told me not long before I married not to spend my time on my knees waxing floors but rather to get out and see the world. When we were there she would read our tea leaves and was always dressed in the latest styles.
    That's about all I have of both as we never spent a great amount of time with grandparents and often when we did other family was there to so it usually to celebrate.

    1. Cathern your Grandmother Abbott gives good advice!! Love it!!

  2. I lived next door to one grandmother yet she didn't really talk about family - that I remember. I love Grandma Abbott's advice too.

    1. My paternal grandmother didn't tell stories either. I wish now I had nagged her more!

  3. Sandra (grand daughter)7 September 2017 at 19:13

    My grandpa Williard Conlin of Fergus and Guelph, Ontario told us many stories of WWI when we were very young. He and two of his brothers went overseas and òverseas` was the term he used. Although I can`t remember the stories I do remember daydreaming about how I would bank our windows, set up our basement as a living quarters, stock pile food and generally prepare to go into hiding. I did this planning without fear because he never made us afraid but with a purposefulness to do what had to be done to keep my family safe. He would show us his group photo of his expeditionary troop and point out his brothers, his future brothers-in-law and friends and many of the stories revolved around these people. He suffered from shell shock for most of his life. In his later years when his memory had faded with Alzheimers he would still direct our attention to this photo and this further cemented in my mind the lasting devastation that WWI caused overseas and at home. As I grew older and researched the family I found that this was indeed true. Despite my childhood preparations for war I have not followed through with any of it as an adult and I attribute this to the safety I feel in this country, in part due to my Grandpa and his troop.

    1. That is very touching Sandra. I can see you as a girl getting ready for the blitz!
      The memories from that photo must have meant a lot to him as it is the one thing his mind did not forget.

  4. Thanks for this great prompt! this is a transcription of an interview I did with my grandpa when I went to visit him. I plan to post more parts of the interview as I get the chance to transcribe more:

    1. That is fab, you are lucky to still have him to tell you stories!


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