Friday, 25 August 2017

High Fives - August 25, 2017

High Fives are articles or blog posts that I read during the week and that I find interesting. Sometimes there are only a couple and sometimes there are quite a few.

~by June Coxon at Legion Magazine
I did not know there was a spy camp in Canada. Interesting!

~by Dino Flammia at NJ 101.5
I was wondering what kind of records our descendants will be looking for in the genealogy world of the future – now I know!

These 2.5 Million Records May Be Genealogy’s Best Kept Secret
~by Family History Daily
How to use PERSI - everyone should be using it! If you don't have a subscription to FMP consider getting a one month subscription at a time you are not busy, and search, search, search! If you're not busy now, Family History Daily offers you a code for 50% off until August 30th. Majority of PERSI coverage is US and Canada, and many more were recently added for the UK and Australia.

What’s Next: Edwardian Promenade 2.0
~by Evangeline Holland at Edwardian Promenade
After ten years of blogging it is time to switch it up!  Let’s keep an eye out and see what Ms Evangeline brings us in the coming year.


  1. I believe that there is a web site for Camp X. I have not looked recently. carol

    1. Thank you Carol! I didn't think to look. Here is the site, with names of officers and staff, and lots of good information.


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