Sunday, 27 August 2017

Canada 150 - The Highland Society

During our country's 150th anniversary celebration of confederation I will write posts titled Canada 150 with a link to a publication or website I find that may help you tell the story of your Canadian ancestors.
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Today I have for you...

The Highland Society of New Brunswick at Mirimichi

The Highland Societies in Canada were branches of the Highland Society of London, instituted in 1778 :

See booklets below for lists of members.

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  1. How would you find other chapters-I have photos of my grandpa in a kilt so I am fairly certain he belonged to some organization

    1. There is also the Caledonian Society and the St Andrew's Society. Local library may have copies of old reports with lists of members, or try and You can also contact the society and ask if they have old lists of members.


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