Friday, 2 June 2017

High Fives - June 2, 2017

~by Gail Dever at Genealogy à la carte
Gail takes us through her search at archives for the bounty claims of her ancestors that served during the Fenian Raids. My ancestors that served all died before 1912. Some units served in Hemmingford - there the house my Dad renovated and I bought from him was the house of Loyalist Colonel John Scriver built around 1812. I walked where they walked!
John Scriver House c1888, Hemmingford Archives

~by Joe Buggy at Townland of Origin
Did any of you check old newspaper articles to see if their Irish ancestors were mentioned as belonging to a Repeal Association?  They stated where in Ireland they were from. 

~by Legion, Canada’s Military History Magazine
I have seen "Passchendaele", and I remember watching  "Captains of the Clouds" with my Grampa... he loved James Cagney! I was really disappointed when the network discontinued "Bomb Girls".
How many of these have you seen?

So You Think You Want to be a Nobleman?
~by Camille Hadley Jones at Edwardian Promenade
I didn’t realize there was so much to the process!  The Lady’s Realm of which she speaks was an illustrated monthly magazine published in London, 1896 – 1914/15

~by Katie Fox at The National Archives Blog (UK)
So whodunit? Very CSI-worthy!

What is a recipe? a recipes virtual conversation
~by Kiaraking at University of Glasgow Library Blog
After reading this blog post follow the link to the Recipe Project, where you will find moe on what are edible and inedible recipes (some of which I wrote about in Tricks of the Trade)

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