Friday, 7 October 2016

Quebec adoption records

The Drouin Institute website offers 2415 FREE Quebec adoption records from 1911 to 1998 in two volumes.  Unlike other records that you are used to, you don't do an online database search or download a pdf.  These records are on two executable files that you download to your computer.

Update note:  Does not work with MAC - must have windows.

You click to download the zip files then extract them on your computer into a folder. This took a little over 2 minutes with my cable internet connection. In all the files extracted look for the Adoption_V1.exe for volume 1 or Adoption_Tome2.exe for volume 2 and click to open it. You can drag or right click to send this icon to your desktop if you wish.

Once you have them opened on your computer the interface for Tome 2 will look like this:

For Tome 1 the tools are down the left side.  The find icon is the magnifying glass under Browse. Fill in the fields you want and press enter.

The fields are...

The adoptee: surname and name, date of birth, sex, place of birth
Biological parents: surname and name of father, surname and name of mother
Baptism: date and place of baptism
Adoption Info: date, place of the court, judgement number, date of judgement
Adoptive parents: surname and name of father, surname and name of mother
Godfather: surname and name
Godmother: surname and name
Other Information: space to make notes.

You can browse through the records or do a search for a specific surname. Click on the Find icon on the tool bar, it will clear the fields. You can search by just a surname or any other criteria you know. Then click Perform Find.  If there are many results you can use the next tool to sort them. 

I didn't browse through all of the over-a-thousand records, but they do not seem to have the names of the biological parents.  A copy of the birth or adoption record will appear on the right.

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