Monday, 25 July 2016

Who Will Bring Home the Gold?

In less than two weeks the Olympics will open in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  There are some sports I like to watch in both the summer and winter olympics, while I wish I was athletic enough to try them.

In days gone by one had to wait for scores and winners to be published in the newspapers. Now not only can we watch the olympics live on TV, we can follow our favourite athletes on the Rio website or on the mobile app.

Following are some interesting Olympic links I found.

Relevant Links

The evolution of the Olympic games 1829 BC to 1914 AD

List of Olympic Games host cities

Olympic Games Programme, St Louis 1904

The Olympic Games at Athens, 1906

The Olympic Games of 1908 in London

Olympic Games Stockholm, 1912

Olympic Games Antwerp, Belgium 1924

Report of the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, AU (pdf)

Olympic Games website - (results for every olympic games year and athletes)

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