Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Cigar Box - Introdution

Original post date: 11 May 2016

My sister was looking after my parents in their last years and now they have both gone to join our ancestors. Going through their things recently my sister came across a cigar box containing a few things my Dad kept from his WWII days. Being the family historian and record keeper, she gave the box to me.

Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

The cigar box is cardboard, hinged, a little scruffy and about 5½" x 8" x 2½"... not very big. The stamp on the box reads:
Canada - Number 239 - 50 Cigars Issue of 1960.

The box contains an assortment of things that meant something to my Dad.

There are lots of images for WWI stuff on the internet, not so much from WWII so I thought others may find this helpful. I will go through all these items and over a few days post what I think may be of interest, under the label "Cigar Box".

There are also a few WWII items I had previously found among my father's things that I may include in this section. 


  1. So glad you got the box. I'm sure it will be interesting for all of us as you reveal all the different items. Even the box itself is interesting because it's different from most cigar boxes I remember seeing as a kid. They all had flat tops and were colorfully decorated.

    1. My grandfather's cigar boxes were wooden and when I was a kid I used to make guitar like instruments with them with rubber bands.


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