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The Cigar Box - Postcards, Officer Cadet Training Camp

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

In 1943 Bud was sent to Officer Training at Catterick Camp, near Richmond, Yorkshire. There are three postcards that were sent from there.

Tan Hill Inn, abt 22 miles from Richmond, Yorkshire

Postmarked Army Post Office S.C.2, 5 Jan 44, 
123rd Officer Cadet Training Regiment, R.A. ADJT Dec 1943

Well, we are on the last leg of the course, 6 months of it, but I think it will go fast.
Love, Bud xxx

Aira Force (waterfall), near Ullswater

Postmarked Army Post Office S.C.2, 21 Oct 43, 
123rd Officer Cadet Training Regiment, R.A. ADJT Oct 1943

Dec 28th, 1943.  
Dear Folks
This is the part of the counry where I spent a week not long ago - Cumberland.
Love to all, Bud xxx

Swaledale from Willance Leap, about 6 miles from Richmond

Postmarked Catterick Camp, Yorkshire, 18 Feb 44. Passed (by censor) P 181

Feb 17th, 44
Dear Mom & Pop
Rec'd air-letter Feb 9th. The course is going well and I'm studying hard best parcel 55.
Lots of love

Graduating Class '44 - Bud is Top, 4th from right end.

Marks:  Military Law - 84, Map Reading - 95, Org & Admin - 84.5
Grade: Q1

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Serendipity Sunday - Descriptions of Occuptions

In 1918 the United States Bureau of Labor put out a few publications describing occupations, what qualifications or schooling it took to get that job and in some a list of "kindred" or related occupations. The following are definitions for occupations to do with woolen and worsted goods.

Each booklet gives a list of "code words" for that occupation near the beginning. On this page for the Street Railway you will see the directions for using the code words.

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Saturday, 28 May 2016

OXO Trading Cards - Australia

"La Compagnie Liebig" or Leibig's Exract of Meat Company is the originator of OXO boullion cubes. Around 1872 the company hired famous artists and began to make Trading Card sets with a theme and stories or historical information on the back. I have seen some of children, operas, and other countries.  

This is one of a set depicting scenes and information on Australia, written in French. 

I found these ones interesting because they give a little bit of history on each card.
There were usually 6 card in a set. They are popular collectibles and I found some for Scene d'Italia and Scenes de la vie Hollandaise.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Cigar Box - Postcards from Bath

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

In October of 1943 on leave for three days, Bud took a trip to Bath, Somerset, his mother's home town. He stayed with his mother's Uncle Andrew Eli Walter Tait, a master tailor in Bath, and his wife Edith (Russell).  They showed him around the city.

Bath - Roman Baths & Abbey

Postmarked Bath, Somerset 12 Oct 1943. Passed (censor) P 231

We spent all morning going through this place, facinating really
Love Bud xxx

Bath - A view from the pump room colonnade (The Abbey)

Postmarked Bath, Somerset 12 Oct 1943. Passed (censor) P 231

Built in time of Christopher Columbus

Well Mom the Abbey certainly must have been here in your time.
Love Bud xxx

Bath - Pulteney Bridge (built 1774,crosses the River Avon to Bathwick)

Postmarked Bath, Somerset 12 Oct 1943. Passed (censor) P 231

Dear Mom, your uncle and aunt are grand people, I only wish I had more the(n) 3 days leave. Love Bud xxx

Visiting with Andrew and Edith Tait 
1 Northumberland Buildings, Bath

Andrew Eli Walter Tait and Bud, Bath 1943

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Cigar Box - Postcards Rerouted

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

On Leave between work and training... Bournemouth,  near Pooole

Two postcards addressed to Mr Mrs T A Seale on Patricia Ave in NDG, and were rerouted to 237 York St, Cornwall, the home of their son Jack who they visited from time to time. It was cool there near the St Lawrence River in the heat of summer.

The Pier, Bournemouth

Postmarked Christchurch (adjoins Bournemouth) 8 Jul 43, passed (by censor) P 231

6 July 1943 
The water is swell aren't you jealous?
Will write tonight. 
Love Bud xxx

The Needles Rocks and Lighthouse, Isle of Wight, by Night

Postmarked Bournemouth 10 Jul 43. Passed (censor) P 231

10 July 43
Boy the salt water sure tastes swell. Been swimming half mile in foreground all this week. Lovely tan.
Love Bud xxx

This next postcard was addressed to his brother Bill (Lieut Seale C.W.) at Camp Petawawa in Ontario, and rerouted to his parents address in NDG. Bill must have shipped out by the time the postcard arrived.

Bournemouth from the Zig Zag Path

Postmarked Poole, July 43, then over stamped with Petawawa Camp, Ontario Aug 2, 1943 as it was sent on to Montreal. Passed (censor) P 148

Dear Bill
Having a swell time here by the sea for a week. Have been in the water every day & does the salt water ever taste good. Swell weather & equally swell tan.
Be good. Bud


Note:  The 3 x's on most of his postcards are one for his mother, one for his father, and one for his sister.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Serendipity Sunday - Canadian Forces Postal Workers

The other day I came across an online pdf listing names of postal workers in the Canadian Forces.  It Is part of The History of the Canadian Forces Postal Services which was on the website of Bob Emery, retired Sergeant of the Canadian Forces Postal Corps, and put together by L. Dawson.

It gives a history of the postal service and nominal roll of postal workers for all the wars.

Friday, 20 May 2016

The Cigar Box - Postcards Home

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

Postcards Home - Addressed to their house on Patricia Ave, NDG, Montreal

During WWII Bud would send off a quick note on a postcard just to say he was fine and would write longer newsier letters when he had more time. These seem to be the earliest postcards I have, from the date and/or the place.

Rose Garden park Hill, Croydon

Postmarked Croyden, July '42

Dear Folks, I am feeling fine. I can't write now but I will as soon as I can.
Love to all, Bud

Postmarked CCMD 1 Cdn Corps Transport Column 23 Feb 1943 
FPO (Field Post Office) THCI Feb 24, 43

Dear Mom & Pop, Thanks for letter Jan 23rd. Hope you are well again Mom. This is the canteen I'm writing from. A marvelous old place. Love to all, Bud xxx

Old Tollgate House, Horsham (signed WS Russell)

Postmarked Horsham, Sussex, Dec (no year visible), Passed (censor) P 203

Dear Mom & Pop, Every thing fine & well here. Merry Xmas. Am writing. Keep the loves coming. Love Bud xxx

All postcards are going to my daughter JulieAnne who collects postcards. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Cigar Box - Shaving Mirror

Contents of The Cigar Box - most from 1943-1945
Property of Lieutenant Thomas Ray Edward "Bud" Seale.
Enlisted:  Royal Canadian Engineers Sept 1940
Transferred:  RCASC 1st Bridge Company, then 85th Bridge 9 Jun 1941
Transferred:  15th Field Reg't, Royal Canadian Artillery

Field Shaving / Signaling Mirror with leather case.

Leather case is stamped Aniline Hide (a process of dying the leather).

This will go to my grandson who is in the Army Cadets. 

Monday, 16 May 2016


We know that building a ship takes shipwrights or ship carpenters.  They build the bare bones of the ship. It takes many other specialists such as boilermakers, sailmakers, riggers, ropemakers, blacksmiths, etc. and general labourers in building a ship.

These tradesmen can be found in naval forces, big shipbuilding companies or small independent boat builders. Our Trintella sailboat, the Volante, was built by the renowned Tyler Boat Company in Tonbridge, UK.

The young man that bought our sailboat last year was a shipwright in BC.  He had suffered a serious head injury while working that took him years to recover from.  He bought our boat to live on and occasionally sail around the islands. We knew our beloved sail boat was in good hands.

You may find your Canadian Shipwright on the United States Navy List under "Navy Yards and Docks". There are also listed workers from countries such as Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden and Austria to name a few.

You will find names of Shipwrights of the Naval Forces of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India in the Navy Lists, such as this one from 1945. Also check Sessional Papers.

Some local and University libraries have registers of shipwrights and shipbuilders, like these publications in Warwick

Also look for "annual [monthly, quarterly, etc] reports" and "transactions" of shipbuilding federations or societies, such as this one...

Here is a short video of shipbuilders building the St Rosalie in Essex, Massachusetts, 1940's

Do you have a shipbuilding ancestor?

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Serendipity Sunday - Toronto Landmarks and Homes

I came across two publications this week that may help you if you have ancestors from Toronto, Ontario.

The first is...

Robertson's landmarks of Toronto: a collection of historical sketches of the old town of York from 1792 until 1833, and of Toronto from 1834 to 1893 : also, over three hundred engravings of old houses, familiar faces and historic places, with maps and schedules connected with the local history of York and Toronto - 1894

And while we are visiting Toronto, I also found this...

Assessment Roll for the Municipality of the City of Toronto 1890

It is formatted like a Street Directory, but gives the name of the occupant, name of the owner, the size of the lot and the value of the land and the buildings. In a few cases it also gives the occupant's income. 

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Graduate

It was usually mid to end of May when the newspapers would start publishing lists of high school, college or university graduates.

Like this list of Graduates from Sir George Williams University in Montreal published in the Montreal Gazette 21 May 1966.

Thomas Ray Edward Seale received a Bachelor of Science by attending university at night while working at Bell Telephone during the day. His last name ending in S, it was way down near the bottom of the right column.

Check newspaper listings for the year your ancestor may have graduated.

You may also find a program for the Graduation Ceremony (or Commencement) for the school your ancestor attended.

click to open pdf

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Skip to the Loo

April was a very hectic month for me, and it all started with a nasty virus that was making the rounds and which I contracted at the end of March. It knocked me flat for about 3 weeks and I felt horrible.

When you are feeling like crap, what do you do?  Start writing a blog post about toilets.

The toilet was invented by John Harrington in 1596. He was also an author and wrote about his toilet he called Ajax... "The The metamorphosis of Ajax"
In the 1700's inventors were taking out patents on the water-closet and since then there have many improvement patents.

When my Dad built our cottage there was no electricity and we had an outhouse.  I was 7 when I skipped up the path to the outhouse during the day, but it was scary at night, even with a flashlight. A couple of years later power was brought to the area and we could finally have an indoor bathroom. 

When I was a Girl Guide leader we did Wilderness Camping and despite the girls' efforts to adorn the outhouse with pine and cedar boughs and anything else that smelled good, sorry but it still smelled like crap. I can imagine my ancestors having an outhouse and wonder what they used to try to cover the smell.

Check directories and local libraries for lists of master plumbers. You can search "patents water closet" for other improvements patents.

Here below we have links to patents, catalogues and information about indoor plumbing, early bathroom design and lists of plumbers.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

My dear Mother has gone to join our ancestors. I am a part of each of these strong, caring, wonderful women and I know they are all watching over me. I try to honour them in the way I live my life, and how I brought up my own confident, caring daughters, who make me so proud!

Happy Mother's Day

3x great grandmother - Mary Johnston (1819-1907)

2x great grandmother - Susanna Johnston (1846-1923)

great grandmother - Mary Jane Porter (1867-1957)

grandmother -  Sarah Myrtle King (1894-1984)

mom - Jean Audrey Mavor (Aug 1925- Apr 2016)

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                      In Honour of the Best Mother Who Ever Lived

Serendipity Sunday - Modern Etiquette

In my travels this week I came across this book...

"Modern etiquette in public and private : including society at large, the etiquette of weddings, the ball-room, the dinner-table, etc" - 1893

I you search using the keyword "etiquette" you will find a few other publications.

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Modern Etiquette in Public and Private, 1893

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