Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Genealogy Challenges

I'd like to do some of the blog challenges that come up, but I didn't want to do them here, so.... I started another blog just for challenges.

The first one I am attempting is the Blogging A to Z Challenge and it starts April 1st.

I hope you will follow along at My Genealogy Challenges.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fishing and Guarding

If you have a fishing ancestor in the USA and you know the name of the vessel they worked on, you may find them in our Canadian waters or on our shores with vessels mentioned in the reports of the Department of Fisheries.

In Canada the reports of Department of Fisheries list names of US vessels that were issued fishing licenses in Canada, as well as vessels that came into port for repairs, shelter, or some other reason.

Our Coast Guard came under the Department of Fisheries from 1868-1936, and was called Fisheries Protection Service. After 1936 it came under the Department of Transport. In 1962 it was officially named the Canadian Coast Guard. In 1995 the Coast Guard was transferred back to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. US vessels fishing out of bounds were seized by Protection Services until fines were paid. 

The August 1855 edition of the Monthly Nautical Magazine (published in New York) told of the Launching of "La Canadienne", the primary vessel used by the Protection Service.
The Fisheries Protection Services were responsible for enforcing Canada's fishery laws, issuing fishing licenses, providing aids to navigation and providing assistance to vessels in trouble.

Irish Fisheries reports and returns of licenses are found in the Sessional Papers of the House of Commons of Great Britain.

Lists of those Canadians who were issued Masters & Mates certificates can be found n the Sessional Papers of Canada.

Relevant Links

Canada Fisheries Protection Service 1890

Salaries of Protection Services 1901 (wages)

List of those granted awards for saving life 1893

List of persons granted rewards for gallant and humane services in saving life, 1872

Fishing Bounties paid to Vessel Owners 1890 (name of vessel and owner)

Annual Reports of Department of Marine and Fisheries

List of US vessels in Port of Canso, Nova Scotia 1890

Lists of US vessels at different ports, 1893

Vessels boarded by Officers of the Marine Police 1873

Life Boat Stations 1893

Certificates granted to Masters and Mates, 1873

Names of Fisheries Officers 1887

British Coast Guard

US Coast Guard

Denmark Fisheries and Protection Services

Irish Coastguards of Yesteryear

Returns of Applications for Oyster Fishing Licenses in Ireland 1867

Certificates granted for Salmon or Trout fishing, Ireland 1873

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Serendipity Sunday - Civil Service in India

If you have UK ancestors that worked in India - you may find your ancestors mentioned in this publication....

Relevant Link

The Indian Civil service list for 1880

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Serendipity Sunday - Goings-on in Chester 1558-1566

This week I came across this publication...

Child-marriages, divorces, and ratifications, &c. in the diocese of Chester, A.D. 1561-6. Depositions in trials in the Bishop's court, Chester, concerning 1. Child-marriages, divorces, and ratifications. 2. Trothplights. 3. Adulteries. 4. Affiliations. 5. Libels. 6. Wills. 7. Miscellaneous matters. 8. Clandestine marriages. 
Also entries from the mayors' books, Chester, A.D. 1558-1600. Ed. 
       - by Frederick J. Furnivall – 1897

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wanted: NOTE-able Canadian Women

This is our chance ladies!!

The Bank of Canada is calling for nominations for a note-worthy Canadian women to grace our bank notes by 2018.

They are accepting nominations until 15 April 2016.  The woman has to be an upstanding Canadian, deceased at least 25 years.

To help you and give you some ideas, here below I have listed some sites featuring women from Canada's history.

Who would you nominate?  

Relevant Links

Bank of Canada

Thirteen Outstanding Women

National Historic Persons of Canada - Women

Ten Women who Made a Difference

History of Canadian Women

Monday, 7 March 2016

International Women's Day ~ March 8th


See what is going on in your area for International Women's Day and get involved. If you have an event, you can publish and promote it on their website.

Each country has their theme, and in Canada it is #youareempowerment

Women share and help each other with empowerment for a balanced life!

First the males came and fought over the feeder, dumping the nectar on the ground. Then the female oriole and gila woodpecker came and shared the feeder - hummingbird was waiting patiently nearby.

My parents got it half right... the boys had to do housework as much as the girls and the girls had to do yard work.  But no way could the girls build something or work on a car. Although I must say, when I learned to drive my Dad made me change all four tires on the car... just in case. Too bad he didn't show me about changing the oil, I wouldn't have been stuck on the highway for a few hours!!

When my children were grown I was working at a wholesaler that sold hardwood flooring. My boss had gone for the day and it was almost quitting time when the phone rang. It was a gentleman who ordered all parts of a house (windows, doors, flooring, counters, etc), put them in a container and shipped them to Japan.  He wanted to look at our flooring. Since I had just recently started I asked a salesman to help me out, as he knew all the inventory.  So the gentleman arrived a half hour late, at almost 6 pm. Asking questions about the flooring he kept looking at the salesman even though I was answering.  While I was answering the third question he looked at me and asked "Don't you have a husband and children to get home to?"

It is also Women's History Month in some parts of the world, and here below you may discover some empowered women in history!

Thank goodness some women defied all barriers (and in some cases parents or husbands) and heeded their calling. I empowered my four daughters to be independent and to do whatever they wanted and I am so proud of them!

Who are the women that made a difference in your life??

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The Married Woman's Property Acts of Ontario 1874 

US Women Lighthouse Keepers

Women in Aviation

The Ninety-Nines Club

Wake up Alone and Like it!! 1936

The secret life of women spies

Women of the Red River

Directory of women-owned construction contractors and truckers 1984

200 Remarkable Alberta Women 

Women in Milling

Women in the Police Force UK (scroll to see what is online, click on MEPO numbers, find women officers from 1919-1958)

Alaska Women in the Itarod

Patents Issued to Women

"Classified" List of Vocations for Trained Women 1917

History of Women in Firefighting

History of Women Firefighters PBS

Journals, diaries, and letters written by women on the Oregon Trail 1836-1865

What's your coal miner nickname?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Serendipity Sunday - Records of Old Aberdeen

While trying to find information on my ancestor from Peterhead, I came across this publication...

Records of Old Aberdeen - Printed for the New Spalding Club 

In this publication, Records of Old Aberdeen, you will find extracts from council minutes, burgess records 1605-1889, valuation rolls of 1796, and more.

Relevant Links

Friday, 4 March 2016


The Gamekeeper usually had a cottage on a big estate and it was his job to breed and protect the game.  He had to be sure there was always enough game for the lord of the castle or manor and the people who worked on the estate.  He was also charged with keeping poachers away.

Today some old estates are open to shooting groups and a gamekeeper manages the operation, keeping a good amount of deer, partridge, and other game stocked on the property.

You will find names of persons appointed Gamekeeper in the Quarter Session reports, like this one from 1889...

This is from the Quarter Sessions Records Volume 8 of 1890

You may also find gamekeeper appointments in Newspapers.

Relevant Links

Quarter Sessions Record for York, Volume 8 - 1890

Quarter Sessions Record = various (check index at back)

Game Certificates taken out in Ireland, 1854-1858; number of prosecutions for shooting game without licence

Game Certificates taken out in Ireland, 1862-1864; number of prosecutions for shooting game without licence

Gamekeeper's Directory: containing instructions for the preservation of game and prevention of poaching 1851

Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1785-1799

Game Duty Lists, Gentlemen's and Gamekeepers' Certificates, 1800-1852

General Game Certificate, for the year 1851 - example

National Gamekeepers Association

Scottish Gamekeepers Association

Devon Gamekeeper List from newspapers 1800-1859

Devon Gamekeeper List transcribed from the North Devon Journal 1847-1859

Devon Gamekeeper List transcribed from the Western Times 1834-1860

Devon Gamekeeper List - Western Times 1848 - pdf

Finding Gamekeeper Ancestors

A day in the life of a Modern Day Gamekeeper

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Les Familles du Québec et les Franco-Americains

Many Canadian families have their origins with ancestors that came to Québec from France about 390 years ago.

A good place to find mention of your ancestors is in the history of the "paroisse" they settled in.

Looking at the Monographie de St-Ignace du Cap St-Ignace I found at Our Roots, I not only learn about the first Guimont family in Cap St-Ignace, but I discover that several of these ancestors served as "marguillier" (churchwarden) of their church. They also made donations for the building of the chucrh.

Perhaps you hit a brick wall with some of your ancestor's family? Try the following publications concerning Franco-American families.

Besides the ones mentioned here below, you may find a history of the parish at the local library, or here at Our Roots.

You will also find your founding families on the early censuses of New France.

Relevant Links

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