Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Les Familles du Québec et les Franco-Americains

Many Canadian families have their origins with ancestors that came to Québec from France about 390 years ago.

A good place to find mention of your ancestors is in the history of the "paroisse" they settled in.

Looking at the Monographie de St-Ignace du Cap St-Ignace I found at Our Roots, I not only learn about the first Guimont family in Cap St-Ignace, but I discover that several of these ancestors served as "marguillier" (churchwarden) of their church. They also made donations for the building of the chucrh.

Perhaps you hit a brick wall with some of your ancestor's family? Try the following publications concerning Franco-American families.

Besides the ones mentioned here below, you may find a history of the parish at the local library, or here at Our Roots.

You will also find your founding families on the early censuses of New France.

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  1. I have roots back to then as you know and have been to some of those resources. Thank you for the long list to try to find more and not have to be a paying member of Ancestry. You share some of the best sites with us, thank you for that Dianne


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