Saturday, 27 February 2016

No Luck of the Irish 2

I had another topic ready to post for today, but I discovered something is happening that I couldn't wait to talk about!

Coming to you courtesy of the Library Digitization Unit of the University of Southampton, uploaded to Internet Archive .....

Enhanced Parliamentary Papers on Ireland 1801-1922

Since the beginning of February the good people at the University of Southampton have been uploading sections of the British Parliamentary Publications that have to do with Ireland. 

So although most people with Irish ancestors consider themselves unlucky since most records were destroyed during the uprising of 1922, there are still documents surviving that can help us tell the stories of our Irish ancestors. 

Some papers have statistics...

...and others have names of people...

I went through them all and picked out the ones that mention people by name. There are a few subjects that had a lot of returns, some with people's names others with information, and I lumped them into categories at the end. 

Rather than list them all here, I decided to make a PDF so you can download and share. The pdf will have a permanent home under the Resources tab in the above menu, and I will keep it updated as more links are added. 

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  1. This is interesting. Thank you for doing the PDF too. I found your first No Luck of the Irish post and that's very helpful as well (I've just gotten one line back to Ireland, I think). Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have included both the original and this post in my NoteWorthy Reads post: Thanks so much for all your work!

    1. You're so kind. And you're welcome. I found one ancestor, still looking for the couple that eloped. As more resources are put online I will update my pdf.


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