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Workin' on the Railroad!

People that worked for Canadian government departments were often mentioned and paid under the Auditor General Report. These reports were sent to the House of Commons and the Senate during sessions of Parliament. We have covered Postmasters, the Office of Indian Affairs and Census Enumerators and today we will dive into the Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada for some Railway workers. Specifically those of the Intercolonial Railway (1872-1918), The Windsor Branch, the Prince Edward Island Railway (1871-1918) and the National Transcontinental Railway 

In the Sessional Papers of 1906 they reported not only the expenses of running the railways, but also the names and wages of all the employees - those in the shops, the yards and those on the trains.

In some of the previous pages you may find names of porters, secretaries and officials.

Relevant Links

Intercolonial Railroad Workers and Wages - 1906 (Pg W210)

Intercolonial Travel of Officials - 1906 (Pg W205)

The Windsor Branch Railway - 1906 (Pg W316)

Prince Edward Island Railway 1906 (Pg W317)

National Transcontinental Railway 1906 (Pg W328

Railroad Workers in Sessional Papers 1916 - start here

Railroad Workers in Sessional Papers 1903  - start here

Return of Accidents and Casualties on the Intercolonial Railway lines - 1902

Employees Provident Fund of the Intercolonial and Prince Edward Island Railways records at LAC

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