Thursday, 15 October 2015

Canada Census Takers

When it came time to conduct the census in Canada, people were hired to go door to door to take down the information.  They were paid for the time they took from their daily schedule for instruction on how to take the census, as well as for doing the work. Some may have been reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses. The enumerators that were given distant or rural routes were paid travel expenses. Some cities hired interpreters for the duration, while in other cities the enumerator paid for his own interpreter and was reimbursed under the travel allowance section with a * beside the amount.

The Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada of 1913 (Volume 1, Part 1) holds reports by the Auditor General, which include payments to 1911 Census takers and other officials under the Agricultural Department Expenditures (Pg C68). They are listed by Province, and it gives the route, enumerators name and payment amounts.  

The Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada of 1907 (Volume 1, Part 1) holds the same census reports for the 1906 Provincial Census of Western Canada (Pg D10).

Was your ancestor an enumerator for the 1906 or 1911 Census?

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