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Serendipity Sunday - North West Mounted Police Business and Rebellion - 1885

The Nolin family may have had a big part in the fur trade in the 1700's and education for aboriginal and Métis girls in the early 1800's, but some were also quite involved in the Métis rebellions. Anything about the Métis history interests me. So I was pretty excited when I came across this Report.

After the Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870 the Métis moved from Manitoba to the northwest territories of Canada, settling in parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Things didn't go the way they had hoped and in 1885 they brought Louis Riel out of exile in the USA to lead them in their next fight against the Canadian government. The Northwest Rebellion of 1885 was short lived, but many died.

The following year the Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada of 1886 contained The Report of the Commissioner of the North West Mounted Police 1885, submitted by John A Macdonald, the Superintendent-general of Indian Affairs. 

Part I reports of ordinary NWMP business and cases, including murders and horse theft.

Part II reports about the rebellion from the time Louis Riel came back into the country.
The whole section is interesting reading.

Besides the various reports and letters, there are also lists of names in appendix. I have provided links to them here.

Relevant Links

Lunatics Part I

Wounded and Killed - March 26, 1885 at Duck Lake

Prince Albert Volunteer Company: men at Duck Lake March 1885

North West Mounted Police: D Division: men at Duck Lake March 1885

North West Mounted Police: men at Cut Knife Hill, May 1885 (+next page)

Men of C Division attached to Alberta Field Force (+ itinerary next page)

NWMP sick reports, surgeries, diseases (very few names, but interesting info, turn page)

Men of the NWMP and PA Volunteers killed / wounded

Criminal and other cases tried in the North West Territories (+ turn pages) 

Cases Tried and Criminals Confined at Battleford to Nov 1885 (+turn pages)

Cases Tried at Calgary, North West Territories to Nov 1885 (+ turn pages)

Cases Tried at Calgary and Prince Albert, NWT to Nov 1885

Cases Tried at Prince Albert and Edmonton, NWT to Nov 1885

All claims to land and right to participate in the North West Half Breed Grant by settlers of South Saskatchewan and vicinity

Lists of Claimants to land

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