Wednesday, 21 October 2015

More Sessional Paper Discoveries

This past week or more leading up to the Federal Elections in Canada we have been delving into the  Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada, where you may find the names of your ancestors in the 1st Volume of each year.  That is the volume reserved for the Auditor General's report, and looking under Expenditures for each section gives names, wages and sometimes other information. Not only payments to employees, but also to outside contractors.


We have covered quite a few in the last several days, but there is much more. Some of the other departments for 1918 that may hold names and locations of our ancestors are:
(Note that not all years give lists of people, eg naturalization, convicts, census)

Auditor General's Office, legislature, privy council, etc..

Agriculture Department: Experimental Farming, livestock, food inspectors, etc.

Archives Department

Finance Department:  Pensions and supperannuations (1901)

Inland Revenue Department: covering excise tax, adulteration of food

Interior Department:  land sales, surveyors, inspectors, settler inspections, timber and forestry, water power, national parks

Government of the Yukon (under Interior Dept) 1918

Government in the Yukon 1901

Marine and Fisheries: government steamers and inspectors, meteorological, services, marine hospitals, fees collected for Master & Mate certificates

Militia and Defense: Militia, permanent force, cadets, civil employees, military college

Department of Mines: geological surveyors, assay offices

External Affairs:  Canadian Foreign Consuls, Foreign Country Consuls (1921)

Secretary of State:  Companies issued licenses, naturalization, civil service lists.

Department of Indian Affairs: School teachers, agents

Naval Service:  dockyards and staff, lifesaving stations, fishery wardens & patrol and hatcheries

Printing and Stationery 

Public Works:  buildings, harbours, telegraph lines, etc

Railways and Canals: canal and locks staff, Hudson's Bay Railway and other gov't railroads

Northwest Mounted Police: Crimes during the year, often mentioning criminals by name.

Trade and Commerce

Each Volume has an Index in the back to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Perhaps your ancestor worked for or was under contract in one of these departments? 

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