Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Citizenship & Naturalization

The Government of Canada published lists of naturalized immigrants as stipulated by the Naturalization Act of 1914 and later acts.  The lists from 1915-1951 were published in the Reports of the Secretary of State in the Sessional Papers of Canada and in the Canada Gazette.

Sessional Papers 1922

Looking at the year 1922, I checked the index at the front of any volume number.  I see in the Index that the Secretary of State Report is No. 29, which I find in the Contents is in Volume 8. So on the list at Internet Archive under 1922 I would look for Vol 58, No 8 Sessional Paper No 27-32, for 1922. I didn't find any lists of names for other years that I checked, just numbers from each country.

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