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Temperance & Prohibition

I have mentioned that my grandfather, Herbert Mavor's family were Salvation Army. The Salvation Army was founded in London c1864 to help the working class, and came to Canada in 1882. They believed strongly in abstinence from alcohol. My grandfather adhered to this until he returned from the war in 1919, much to his mother's dismay.

The Temperance movement started before that, in the beginning of the 1800's, and quickly spread in England, Australia, New Zealand, America.  Temperance means moderation, but around the 1830's the movement soon started preaching total abstinence.


Temperance led to Prohibition. There are websites about both temperance and prohibition in Canada, the United States and in Europe. There are also many books to be found on the subject at Internet Archive by typing these keywords: temperance, intemperance, and Christian Temperance [Union].

Look in local newspapers. Some published a list of names of people picked up for being "dunk and disorderly".

I have listed a few links here, some with members lists that may contain names of your ancestors.

This holiday season... stay alive, don't drink and drive!

Relevant Links:

North of England Temperance League Register and Almanac for 1859

The Northern temperance year book for workers in the North of England 1894

Handbook to temperance Hotels UK 1888

History of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Grinnell, Iowa 1924

World Book of Temperance; 1908

Journal of proceedings of the semi-annual session of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance, of Canada West, held at Brantford 1855

Directory of the Sons of Temperance of North America; 1868

Conference of the Anti-Saloon League of America - Toronto 1912

Jubilee history of the Ontario Woman's Christian Temperance Union; 1877-1927

Offenses under "The Liquor License Act" R.S.O. 1897: & a list of decided cases; Toronto

It helps business and is a blessing : what leading business en, bankers, farmers, laborers and others say about prohibition in Charlotte, NC 1908

Dominion Prohibitory Liquor Law Convention held in Montreal 1875 (w/list of members)

History of the Womans' Christian Temperance Union of Oklahoma 1925

Independent Order of the Rechabites, a temperance group of Queensland, and their involvement in WWI; w/ Honour Roll

List of municipalities in Quebec and their standing on liquor licensing 1914

Countries that had/have Alcohol Prohibition

US Identification Card Files of Prohibition Agents in the US ($ Ancestry)(National Archives)

(See example of some IDs on Flicker)

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