Sunday, 7 December 2014

Serendipity Sunday - Behind the Scenes

While you are running around doing your holiday and Christmas shopping (actually or virtually) - think of the people who have been busy working all year long behind the scenes to make our Christmas wishes come true.

And I don't mean the elves!

This week I happened upon this book -

A Visit to Sear's Roebuck and Co - 1914

It shows all the departments of people that worked at the factory and got things ready to go out on the floor of the stores, and includes the printing building where they put together all the catalogues and mailers.

Of course when I discover something like this I have to find more, and I did, listed below.

Relevant Links:

An Artist's Impression on a Visit to a Great Store - T. Eaton Co, 1910

The Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney Drygoods Co of St Louis

"I've Seen the Largest Store in the World!" - Macys 1939

The W. E. Miller Co's store; a photographic panorama of its departments and people 1902

Cox Brothers Limited (Tasmania and Adelaide) 1925

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