Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Books We Own

Another great example of people helping people in the world of genealogy!

While researching an ancestor you might have come across a reference to books that may contain information for that person.  Your library doesn’t have that book, and it is not online.  What to do?

I have asked a couple of volunteers at a website called Books We Own to look things up for me with great results. They will even copy the relevant pages and email them to you. Visit their site and browse through their “Library”.  Everything is categorized by theme or country, then by city or county or state.  If they get notice, they note when a book becomes digitized so you can look yourself. 

Read their SEARCH TIPS carefully to ensure a quick and proper response, and keep in mind these are volunteers that have a life.

They also have a list of genealogies by Surname.

If you have a rare book containing people’s names, maps or other info that may be valuable to genealogists, consider adding your book and look-up service to the site.

Books We Own

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  1. First time I have heard of this group. Thanks for sharing! Gail Dever


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