Friday, 30 June 2017

High Fives June 30, 2017

~by Patricia Greber at My Genealogy Life
My ancestors were missed on a census also.  In 1851 the numerator wrote at the beginning of his census papers for Pittsburgh Ontario that there was a huge snow storm that made it difficult to do his job. Neighbours are on the census, not my ancestors.  The house was a long way off the main road. At least they are in the City Directory for that year, although it does not list all family members.

~by Donna Moughty at Donna’s Irish Genealogy Resources
Second part of how to use the Griffith's Valuation in Ireland. Find your ancestor's property on maps and distinguishing people with the same name. That's what I need!

Two interesting history tours of Scotland this summer
If you are visiting Scotland this summer (or live there) you can immerse yourself in the history of the Jacobites and follow the Jacobite Trail.
When you have completed the Jacobite journey and have time for more sightseeing, you can tour the locations for filming the Outlander Series.

~by Lin Anderson at National Museums Scotland Blog
Listen to the audio of Lin’s interview with Diana Gabaldon and how she started writing this fabulous series of books. 

at The British Library
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I love going through a used book or antique book shop, and seeing the books with beautifully crafted bindings. Even some books from the early 1900s have artfully done covers and bindings. I bought some antique children's books for decor in my grandson's room when he was born.  

~by Diane L Richard at UpFront with NGS
I had never heard of Linkpendium but will definitely add it to my resource list! Check out your surname page and see what links there are around the world... amazing!

~by Tristin Hopper at The National Post
French Canadian conscripts to be sent to Siberia?
You can read more about the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force at wikipedia, in a 2008 article at the Legion Magazine and at Canadian War Museum.

Note: There will be no High Fives next week as I am away visiting family and telling my grandchildren about their ancestors.


  1. A couple of those High Fives stuck home or will be worth looking at :D As you know the 1921 Canadian census missed the whole block where my mother and her family were living - the first census she would have been on. It was heart breaking when I discovered that but thinking maybe I should have another look to see if somehow they have appeared...
    Enjoy your time with family and sharing your family history with the children.

  2. Thanks for sharing my post and enjoy your time with the grandkids!

    1. I enjoy reading your blog. All seven grandkids are a delight to be with and I'm loving it!


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