Saturday, 1 July 2017

150 Years of Confederation

Today I have for you....

A Proclamation for uniting the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, into one Dominion, under the name of ...


Not everyone was convinced that Canada could survive on it's own, as written by various groups, including two men of the British Military. Second Captain Edward Chichester Bolton and Lieutenant Horace Hervey Webber of the Royal Artillery set out to prove that a united Canada would not work...

Being military, their main reason was that the country was so situated that Canada could not properly defend it's shores. They included a map of the Canadian Frontier, east of the Great Lakes, for show-and-tell...

Note the "Uninhabitable Forest"?  I used to live in there, right around the U in Uninhabitable!

Relevant Links

CANADA a Proclamation: Canada Gazette 1 July 1867

(Counter-poison: Confederation is the salvation of Lower Canada; It is necessary to distrust the enemies of the confederation)

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