Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Making a Blog List - Where do you Start?

There are so many genealogy bloggers now, and more getting on board every day. The list gets overwhelming and it is just not possible to read all the posts out there.  One nice thing is that not everyone I follow posts on the same day!

So how do you choose which blogs to follow?

First think of what you want from a blog.
There are different types of blogs, and I like a good mix of some that ...

  • teach searching techniques
  • give genealogy news 
  • tell family ancestor stories
  • are historical, perhaps about a specific topic, like WWI for example 

You may want to read authors that write about their ancestors that are from the same area as yours, getting an idea of resources available. Or blogs of ancestor stories with the same surname as yours. Perhaps you read a blog because you like their style and the subjects interest you.  Or you read the blog of a friend because.... well, it's your friend!

Here, the Geneablogger website is your friend.
There are over 3000 genealogy blogs registered on the Genealogy Blog Roll. By clicking on the little arrows beside the Blog/Type headings you can sort A-Z or Z-A. You can also do a quick search right there. I type Jones in the search box and get 4 blogs pertaining to Jones. Type in Education and you get 259 entries. Unfortunately there are many titles and descriptions that give no clue, but fortunately there is another option.  If nothing turns up here, click on Search Blogs on the menu bar and you get a more thorough search of genealogy blogs on the internet. I type Tozer in this search box and I get six short pages of results and I can pretty much tell from the snippet whether or not they are my Tozers.

Try to keep your list manageable. Take the time to leave a comment on the posts you enjoy. Most authors like getting reader comments and will take the time to reply.

How do YOU choose which blogs to read?

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