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Proceedings of the Municipal Council / Auditor's Reports

We have taken a look many times at the Sessional Papers of Canada and of the provinces, but if you want to know what went on closer to home, it is the Proceedings of the Municipal Council that we need to take a look at.

More often than not local businesses and persons were hired for goods or services in their community. They were paid by the municipal treasurer and probably mentioned in the treasurer's report in the proceedings of the council.

Colchester, NS

You may also find names of citizens who have petitioned the council for something they would like done, either in the town or on their property, or perhaps to be paid for a service rendered.

Baltimore, MD

Look for: Annual Reports of the City council, Proceedings of the City Council, Treasurers Report for the County, Auditors Report for City, etc

Check for more at Internet Archive, HathiTrust and the local library or city archives

Relevant Links

Minutes and proceedings of Municipal Council for Colchester, NS 1882

Minutes and proceedings of the Municipal Council of Cumberland County, NS

Proceedings of the Municipal Council of Welland, ON

Auditor's Report for Dorchester (Boston, Mass)

Auditor's Report for Dunbarton NH

Auditor's Report for Weston VT

Journal of Proceedings of City Council of Baltimore 

Proceedings of the Board of Aldermen New York

Proceedings of the Council of the City of Manchester, UK

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