Thursday, 27 October 2016

Life in the Trenches

My grandson is going on a school trip next summer to Ottawa and Quebec.  In Ottawa the first day they are going to visit the Canadian War Museum.

So I moseyed on over to the museum website to refresh my memory of what he may see there. They have many great exhibits of artifacts, and memorials.

One thing I found you can do right on their site was an interactive adventure...

Experience life in the Trenches during World War I, based on real life. You can personalize the story by entering your name. You can choose to play in English or French.

At the end of each section you make a choice and go on to see the outcome of your decision. OOPS!!!  Do-overs are allowed, unlike in real life.

I got to experience a little of how it was for my grandfather and his brother. I enjoyed the experience and I think it will appeal to older children.
You can click on unfamiliar war-time words to get the definition without disturbing the game. Even though it is on a Canadian site, I don't think it matters what country you are in.... war was war!

"So, pick up your rifle, put on your helmet and get ready for a truly unique experience!"

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  1. My grandfather, William Seale Sloane Armstrong, served in WW1, signing up while he was still 17. Family legend says he was considered "lucky" by his fellow soldiers (or maybe he just had very good high frequency hearing) for his ability to know when mortars were incoming in time to evacuate a trench.

    1. My grampa Herbert Mavor was lucky too - not so his brother Alexander.


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