Monday, 24 October 2016

Hotel Directories

My grandparents took 2 weeks holiday every summer and drove to Old Orchard Beach in Maine where they stayed at The Butler House. They reserved the same suite every year, as it had a nice big kitchen for Grampa to cook their meals.

Typically a Hotel Directory will give the name of the town, name of hotel, name of proprietor and the cost per night to stay there. Some entries are more detailed (I assume they paid extra for the entry) and tell a little more about the area or amenities.

So, maybe your ancestor didn't own or manage a hotel, but he may have stayed at one. The newspapers once printed names of people that stayed at the local hotels, and where they were from. Usually on the same page as the names of people who are setting sail. In old Canadian papers it is under Personal Intelligence.

At Trove for Australia, search "Staying at Hotels". 
The following was in The Sun, Sydney 13 Nov 1913..

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