Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Winning the Lottery!

I used to buy lottery tickets where I worked - 10 of us employees would each choose our lucky numbers and kick in $10 every week.  Come to think of it, maybe I should get tickets again as each time we won it was with my numbers! The most I won (after the split) was $189. My Dad and my husband's Dad kept hoping to win the big ticket!!  Even my husband keeps dreaming of what he would "spend" it all on.

Our ancestors may have hoped to win the lottery and bought their lucky tickets at their local vendor. 

State Lotteries 1781 (Bath Chronicle 1781)     
I actually knew someone who won almost $10M. *sigh* 
Here are some lottery winners from the UK in 1781 and 1782...
And from Paris in 1879...

I agree with this - except of course if I win, then it's all mine hehehe!

But.... be careful what you wish for!
Independence Daily Reporter: January 16, 1874
Check local newspapers for lotteries in your ancestor's area.

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