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Fealty, Loyalty, Allegiance

Swearing an Oath of Fealty, Loyalty or Allegiance could have been to King, Country, Church (cardinals swear fealty to the Pope), or even to an Organization. Soldiers would swear fealty to their leader before heading into battle, and the defeated would swear fealty to the new ruler. 

In the traditional sense of swearing fealty to ones king, I can imagine my ancestor swearing fealty to William of Orange before the Battle of the Boyne.

I found a list of names of
Oaths sworn at The George, Kingsbridge, 4 November 1723 before Courtenay Croker; William Ilbert, William Cholwich and John Fowell esqs.
This oath of fealty was taken during the local Quarter Sessions and administered by the justices of the peace.

Included on the list is one Thomas King of Loddiswell.  This may be the father of my 5x great grandfather Thomas King who ran the mill in Loddiswell. Also a Dorothy King, widow (his grandmother?) There were not a lot of King surnames in Loddiwell in the 1700's, I just have no proof of relationship... yet! But it gives me something to go on.

Try looking in archives.  I found a book which says that according to the Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records, in a box somewhere is a list of 300 names of barons and knights of Tarbe, Bigorro who signed the oath of allegiance to the King of England in 1362.
You can take a look at the Guide at National Archives UK.

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