Sunday, 14 December 2014

Serendipity Sunday - BMD Exchange


At Christmas time people all over the world have gift exchanges, whether for family, at the office, or within a group. 

Well, I discovered that the Genealogy world also has exchanges of a sort - there are many sites that host Certificate Exchanges. If you buy a BMD certificate by mistake, that is not relevant to your family, you can offer it to someone else. These sites are just hosts - you have to contact the certificate holder directly, or leave a contact email for people to contact you if you are offering.

You may find more links that are perhaps more local rather than national by doing a search using keywords: certificate exchange bmd. You can also add "~genealogy" to narrow the search.

I didn't find one specifically for the USA, if anyone knows of one I will add it to the list.

Check these sites before you buy BMD certificates.

Relevant Links

Canada BMD Exchange - at olive Tree

Benelux - Belgium / Netherlands / Luxemburg - Certificate Exchange

Certificate Exchange - UK

Scotland BMD Exchange

Australia BMD Exchange

BMD Share UK

Ireland Certificate Exchange

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