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Annuaire de Ville Marie - Montreal's Beginnings

The Annuaire de Ville Marie is a set of books that tell the history of Montreal, named Ville Marie at the time. You can go to the Index to see what the books are about. 

We will take a look at this 1872 Supplement to the 1874 edition, as it has helped me most in my recent research. This edition has names of streets at the time and a plan of Ville Marie.

Besides the lists of religious figures and students, there is also a list of all the Marguilliers of Montreal from 1657 to 1864. A Marguillier is a churchwarden, and part of his job is the maintenance of the church. The Marguillier was elected, and he had a special pew in the church, as befitted his important position. He kept an account of the parishioners, who paid their tithes (dîmes), who needed alms, etc. He may also have kept the registers. 

There is a section about the registers of Ville Marie with a list of the first baptisms and marriages. One of the families I am researching had a baby that was the fourth ever to be baptized in Montreal!

 Another section has the heading...
"Prémices du sang que Ville Marie a versé pour la colonisation et le salut du pays, durand les vingt premières années de sa fondation."
First spilling of blood that Ville Marie shed for the colonization and the salvation of the country in its first twenty years.

The issue titled Premiere Annee 1863 is mostly about the religious people, the economy, the institutions and the societies, with names of officials, and is partly bilingual. See below for links to the different volumes, including one on Boucherville. Take a look at the indexes, and have a flip through to see what can help with your early Montreal anncestors. 

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  1. I wasn't aware of the Ville Marie PDF available online. Nice share. Montreal is only a few hours from us and I can see some with our family name in there.

    1. Great! I hope it helps you in your research.


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