Thursday, 21 December 2017

Blog Caroling - Softly the Night is Sleeping

I've decided to have a little Christmas fun and accept the challenge by "footnote Maven" to write a blog post about my favourite Christmas carol. 

We did a lot of Christmas caroling when I was young. I sang in the choir at church. A bunch of the townsfolk would get together and go house to house, sometimes being invited in for refreshments. With the Girl Guides we went to senior homes and hospitals. At our family Christmas party my uncle would play piano and we'd gather round and sing all our favourites. At our house on Christmas Eve my grandmother would play piano and we would all sing, being drowned out by Gramp's big booming voice, until my mother sent us off to bed. I loved singing with a group because no one noticed my exuberant but off-key voice.

It is hard for me to pick one favourite. 

There was a family friend (who has since tragically died) that used to call every year and sing O Holy Night to me over the phone. 

I like to dance to Boney M's Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord and Jose Feliciano singing Feliz Navadad every year as I decorate our little Christmas tree.

But in honour of my beloved mother I pick this song to blog carol with you.

My Mom and I had a favourite we would play on the piano and sing along almost every day at Christmas time. Our piano was in an alcove off the living room, with a floor to ceiling window that looked out onto the snow-filled front yard, and the life size Santa and Carolers my Dad had made in his workshop.   

Softly the Night is Sleeping
written by Edward A Washburn

1. Softly the night is sleeping,
On Bethlehem’s peaceful hill
Silent the shepherds watching,
The gentle flocks are still;
Hark! Hear the wondrous music
Falls from the open sky
Valley and cliff reecho
Glory to God on high!

Glory to God it rings again,
Peace on earth, good will to men.
Glory to God it rings again,
Glory to God

2. Come with the gladsome shepherds,
Quick hast’ning from the fold,
Come with the wise men bringing
Incense and myrrh and gold;
Come to Him poor and lowly,
Around the cradle throng,
Come with your hearts of sunshine,
And sing the angels’ song.

3. Weave ye the wreath unfading,
The fir tree and the pine,
Green from the snows of winter,
To deck the holy shrine;
Bring ye the happy children,
For this is Christmas morn:
Jesus the sinless infant,
Jesus the Lord is born. 



The Christmas song booklet we played from had a bit of a different arrangement, but this is one I found that is close. It is not that well known, so there aren't many videos of it.

My Great Granny Mavor reminds us to be generous this holiday season!



  1. That is a new one for me. Lovely tune. I can imagine you and your mom at the piano. What a wonderful memory.

    1. Now I sing it to myself. Glad you enjoyed it Wendy!

  2. What a beautiful tune. Yes, continue singing it to yourself, you never know who may be listening. ;)

    1. Thanks Susan... I was singing it today while wrapping gifts! Also thinking of all our other family holiday traditions. It's a wonderful life!

  3. I have never heard this carol, nor hear of this carol. The music and lyrics are both beautiful. The music has an old-time hymn quality about it -- very soothing. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. All the best in the new year!


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