Friday, 6 October 2017

High Fives - October 6, 2017

High Fives are articles or blog posts I have read during the week that I find interesting, and perhaps are pertinent to my research. Sometimes there are only a couple and sometimes there are quite a few.

~by Alison Ensign at Family Search Blog
Indexing is one way everyone with a computer can give back. It is easily done and no special skills are needed, other than reading sometimes old script or faded records. It is fascinating to read some of the records you come across. You get to choose what records you want to index, and there is a good support team behind you if you run into a snag. Try it!! 

~by Anne Morddel at The French Genealogy Blog
I like Anne’s style of writing. She is very descriptive!
This goes to show that you can find information in unlikely places. Who’d have thought you can find a research guide for Guadeloupe on a blog from France?

~by Marian B. Wood at Climbing My Family Tree
Excellent reminder!  If the heirloom was not made by an ancestor, you can still write about how they came to possess it and why it was so precious to her/him.

~by Gail Dever at Genealogy à la carte
This is one thing I have yet to do, since I live far from any archives I need. 
It is time for me to dive in too, perhaps by email! These tips will come in handy. 

~by John at John Grenham – Irish Roots
John’s comment about the baptismal entries stuck with me as I read the entry for a cousin’s ancestor… instead of writing illegitimate as most do, the person wrote “base born”.
It can be anywhere from amusing to hilarious finding skeletons on the outlying branches of one’s tree, but what about when it hits closer to home?

~by DiAnn Iamarino Ohama at Fortify Your Family Tree
I have never used the Task List on FTM, I think I’ll start now. 
DiAnn is new to blogging this year, check out her other posts with great tips for genealogy
I especially like the one from September 19th for mapping where all your ancestors lived with My Maps on Google.   

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  1. Thank you so much, Dianne, for including my "heirloom" post in your "high fives" this week!

    1. I enjoy reading and learning from your blog.


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