Friday, 1 September 2017

High Fives - September 1, 2017

High Fives are articles or blog posts that I read during the week and that I find interesting. Sometimes there are only a couple and sometimes there are quite a few.

Repatriation Project Reveals Remarkable Story – Part 2: Telling the Story
~by Matthew Betts & Janet Young at Canadian Museum of History
I love how they collaborated with his people to tell his story.

~by Rob Cote at NFB (National Film Board of Canada)
It’s that time of year again, and some of these may remind you of your own time at school.  It must have been fairly cold the year the kids started kindergarten in the first film! I remember one year I bought all new fall and winter clothes for my kids before school started and it was too hot to wear them right into October!

Beyond Passwords
~at Snipette 
Posted by National Genealogical Society on FB
Interesting article on security- "from door-latches to iris-scans"

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