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Canada 150 - St François, Trois Rivières

During our country's 150th anniversary celebration of confederation I will write posts titled Canada 150 with a link to a publication or website I find that may help you tell the story of your Canadian ancestors.
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Today I have for you...

 St. François, 1844

An accounting of each property owner in the Parish of St François, and how much they had to contribute towards the building of a new church. 

"Acte de cotisation de la paroisse de St François district susdit, pour subvenir aux dépenses nécessaire à la contruction d'une Eglise et dépendances, dans la dite paroisse, suivant le dévis et estimation annexéà la suite du présent."
"Act of Contributions for the Parish of St François, abovementioned district, in order to provide for the necessary expenses for the construction of a Church and outbuildings in the said parish, according to the estimate and appendices appended hereto."

I just wish they had scanned the book with the pages that go together opposite, but no, once you find the name you have to turn to the next page for the information that goes with that property owner. At least it was done. 

This one I put together properly

The headings are: 
- name of property owner
- real 
- putative 
- residence 
- land 
- emplacements 
- size of property 
- built properties 
- value of each property 
- contributions for each property 
- contributions for each property owner.

The residences named are mostly in 
St François, but a few are in Yamaska, Montreal, Sorel, St Aimé, St David, Nicolet, La Baie, Quebec.

At the end there is a list of needed materials and their cost, giving an estimate to build the church of 
4231 13s 6d.

Relevant Links

(Various contracts concerning the parish of St. François du Lac, 1844) 

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