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Emigrant Aid Societies

In the 1800s when more and more people were emigrating from Great Britain to Canada, Australia, the United States and beyond, Emigrant Societies were founded to help emigrants with passage, and/or to help them once they got to their destination.

The Montreal Emigrant Society was founded in 1831 to help with passage, housing, food and jobs to immigrants from Ireland and Great Britain. Often once landed in Montreal, they were given aid to settle elsewhere in Canada. 

You can search the nominal database at LAC, read all the directions as images with a higher resolution are on a different site.

The Irish Emigrant Society of New York was founded in 1841. You can read a 1938 article about it at JSTOR by registering for freeThe Emigrant Savings Bank was established in 1850 by members of the Irish Emigrant Society and some of the records can be found on Ancestry. You can read about it there without signing up.  The savings bank records can also be seen at some libraries, including Library of Congress... see WorldCat for locations.

Check libraries and historical societies (where your ancestors came from as well as where they settled) for account books of local emigrant aid societies.

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