Monday, 24 July 2017

No Luck of the Irish 3

There have been more publications for Ireland uploaded to Internet Archive and to HathiTrust. These have to do with public records and chancery reports.

In the rolls of chancery, there are two indexes in the back, index nominum (names) and index locorum (places).

In the publication The Jurist are Encumbered Estate Court Records. According to Wikipedia the Encumbered Estate Court...
" ..was established by an act of parliament in 1849 to facilitate the sale of Irish estates whose owners, because of the great famine, were unable to meet their obligations. It was given authority to sell estates on application from either the owner or an encumbrancer (somebody who had a claim on it) and, after the sale, distribute the proceeds among the creditors, granting clear title to the new owners. In 1858, the court's functions were assumed by the Landed Estates Court, later replaced by the Land Commission under the 1881 land act."

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