Friday, 19 May 2017

High Fives - May 19, 2017

Presbyterian Church Records in Ireland
~by Donna Moughty at Donna's Irish Genealogy Resources
Another informative church records post from Donna. Also, if you are planning a research trip to Ireland, look under the heading 2018 Research trips... Donna gives good tips and advice for travelers.

Uncovering the UK's Deaf Heritage
~by Heritage Fund Lottery, UK
It appears that all the women in my line start going deaf after menopause. I can't imagine not hearing anything all your life. Here is my post from Feb 2016 on Schools for the Deaf & Blind. 

April Sales and e-waste recyling
~by Martin Gregory at Things I find in the garbage
It always amazes me to see what the trashman gets for the items he finds and sells.

Innovative images:  The Glasgow Photographic Association
~by Sarah Hepworth at University of Glasgow Library Blog
Photograph societies are a good source for photographer ancestors as well as new techniques and photos of the day. Check out other Photographic Clubs of the day.

A purple pursuit
~by Isobella Whitworth at The National Archives Blog, UK
Her journey and love of dyestuffs started with the colour purple.  A fascinating read. Hmmmm... gives me an idea for a blog post. Stay tuned!

~by John D Reid at Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections
There are 2 Seales named in this database, and my line is said to have descended from Comwellian times.

Oops - I had saved the link to this one on facebook and then forgot about it...

~by Jim Shaughnessy at Find my Past Blog
I have come across some Latin abbreviations in records and my high school Latin didn't help me there.  Keep this handy!

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