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Reporters and Stenographers

Definition of Reporter from Merriam-Webster:  
one that reports: such as
a :  a person who makes authorized statements of law decisions or legislative proceedings
b :  a person who makes a shorthand record of a speech or proceeding
c (1) :  a person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or television company to gather and report news (2) :  a person who broadcasts news 

My great uncle George John Seale (my Pop's brother) and his friend Joseph William Bawden were shorthand reporters in Kingston Ontario.

Some of their work was very interesting, like this job working on reconnaisance plans for the military...

They also did some work at Kingston Prison recording evidence.

Obviously the government liked their rates at 9¢ a page and figured they were more in line with what is accepted then the rates charged by reporters in Montreal.

This is a copy of the orders for rates of pay for reporters working for the government...

Bawden & Seale were in business about four years before the friends parted as George got a job in Montreal and Joseph got a job in Lethbridge, Alberta where he soon after married George's cousin . 

Relevant Links

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