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I  always had a passion for reading. We didn't have a library near us where I grew up, but my Mom made sure we had lots of books in the house.  Not counting at school, my first time in a real library I thought I was in heaven. I get the same feeling when I visit this second hand book store we have on the Island that is three floors!  Nothing like the smell of old books.

Some more remote areas had travelling libraries...

When my Mom in her 90's found it too difficult to get out, the lovely volunteers at her local library brought her a bag of books every week, then picked them up and exchanged them for more books.

The local library where your ancestor lived is a great resource for local history and perhaps books that mention your ancestors. And if your ancestor worked in a library, was on the board or committee, or made donations and supported their local library these are the journals to look for.

Most of these list the names of the librarians, and people or business that donated.

Relevant Links

Librarians and Library workers, California 1904

Annual Report of the Regina Public Library

The Regina Public Library (Periodical, Vol 1-4) 1912-1916

Annual Report - Brooklyn Public Library, 1904 and 1914

The Adyar Library report (India), 1913-1922

General Report of the Library Committee, Whitehaven, UK 1889-1919

Annual Report - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1897-1904

Annual Report of the Syracuse Central Library, 1895-1915

Annual Report of the Holton Library, Brighton 1865-1873 

Borough of Batley Pubic Library annual report - UK 1909-1915

Annual report of the Warder Pubic Library, Springfield, Ohio 1896-1914


  1. I remember this travelling library, we used to go get books there every second week, at a street corner in Pincourt. The librarian was so nice, she would let me take out twice the amount of books allowed. One winter I was very sick, she would pick out books for my father to bring home for me. I met this kind lady at our high school's 100 celebration, it turns out her son had attended our high school.

    1. We went once that I remember, but I think my brothers were too rowdy to go again LOL


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