Friday, 7 April 2017

High Fives - April 7, 2017

Who was General Wolfe?
~by Karen and Debbie at Culloden Battlefield
Whodathunk? General Wolfe at Culloden! I wonder if my Jacobite ancestor and Wolfe ever crossed paths?

~by Marcelle Cinq-Mars at Library and Archives Canada Blog
So much thinking, planning and coordination went in to the attack - and secrecy!  It's amazing how it all came together - Go Canada!
LAC's articles about Vimy Ridge are being posted April 3-21 so check them all out. 

~by Diane Hadad at Family Tree Magazine: Genealogy Insider
This one is not so much a “High Five” for me as a “WTH?”
With so much hype about Vimy Ridge and the 100th anniversary of the US entering the war, it is not surprising there are many WWI posts this past week. This is a good article to help Americans find records of their ancestor’s service in WWI.
In the second paragraph, Diane mentions that 650,000 Canadians were in the military… compared to 4 million Americans. Remember that in 1915 the population of Canada was 7.9 million compared to 100.5 million in the US. Therefore by her reckoning .082 of the Canadian population served in the military compared to .039 of the American population.

Right in the first paragraph, second sentence says “See all the countries caught up in the conflict in our timeline of World War I war declarations.” So click on that link and it takes you to their timeline of who entered the war when. Well, what the heck? For the 4th of August 1914 it does not say that Canada declared a state of war. Hmmmm. It was announced in two Extra editions put out on the 5th of August 1914.
The USA declared a state of war on 6 April 1917, three days before the attack on Vimy Ridge and three years into the war.

NOTE: To be fair, most timelines of WWI on the internet do not include Canada's declaration, but some lump us in with Britain. The Library of Congress has an image of all countries' declarations.

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